Introduction to Inherent Nature

Copied from a post by the book's author Steve Baumler to the Facebook group "Dun Lian Brotherhood"

Morgan Mclain, a newly commissioned knight of the Dun Lian Brotherhood, is travelling the world valiantly searching for exploits that will help build a name for himself. Entering an area of the world known as the Dead Pools he encounters an emerald the size of a mans fist. Upon touching the gem he finds that it has the magical ability to trap his soul within the gem while at the same time releasing a previously imprisoned soul into his body.

Malchom Jamias, the new occupant of Morgans body, screams at his long awaited liberation and sends a plea to the heavens, asking his god Altair for power and assistance. Confused and discouraged at receiving no response, after all, Malchom Jamias is Altairs greatest worshipper, Malchom sets out in his new body to acquire sacrifices to gain his gods attention. After murdering and sacrificing the blood of the first family of farmers he comes across, Malchom contacts an Avatar of Altair and discovers that his imprisonment within the gem lasted for well over a thousand years and saw the complete obliteration of his religion. With no worshippers left, Altair, the source of Malchoms terrible powers in the past, moved on to other worlds leaving the Avatar behind as a token presence. Deciding that he must regain his former glory, Malchom embarks on a quest to sacrifice enough blood to regain the attention of Altair. It will be a tough task, but with the small amount of abilities the Avatar can impart to him, Malchom is confident all will fall before him.

Meanwhile, hearing that mass murders are being committed by one of their own, Dun Lian, the head of the Brotherhood, charges Morgans teacher, Dun Loren, with the responsibility of bringing Morgan in to be judged. Dun Loren and four others, his two squires Justin and Clerents, another knight, Dun Llsen, and Dun Llsens squire Manney, set off for the Dead Pools to track down Morgan as well as in an attempt to understand what evil could have corrupted a Dun Lian knight.

While camped one evening, Malchom is set upon by a troll-like monster and forced to magically flee the area, leaving all of his possessions, including the gem, behind. Enraged at having his prey escape from underneath him, the creature erupts in a frenzy of destruction and razes the campsite, eventually finding the gem. Touching the emerald the troll activates the gems power, sending Morgans soul into the body of the monster.

When he realizes what has happened, Morgan vows to take the gem and use it to regain his own body and return the evil wizard Malchom Jamias to the prison in which he belongs. Morgan comes to find that his task is a difficult one as new adversaries and obstacles continue to jump in his way. Most personally, he discovers and must come to terms with the inherent nature of the naturally evil body he now inhabits. Inherent Nature is the story of young Morgan Mclains struggle to remain good in nature and keep his sanity while attempting to set things straight and rid the world of potentially the worst evil it has seen in hundreds of years.